How to Analyze ICO’s, Explained


The most effective way is to create a rating system based on a number of crucial ICO success indicators.

This will include the team behind the project, information on the ICO itself, how the product is presented and how well it is marketed.

The team: It is important for profiles on team members to be easily accessible and a sufficient amount of information should be disclosed on each individual. Displaying photos and links to external professional sites such as LinkedIn will help to instill trust and credibility.

Furthermore, the number of team members involved can also be a decisive rating factor. If there are only two individuals working on the project, you know it’s unlikely to be successful. However, multiple people are working on different aspects of the ICO, the chances of success are much bigger.

ICO information: Information on the actual ICO should be clearly visible and available. Start and end dates on pre-sales and the official ICO, how individuals can buy into the crowdsale and what currencies are accepted, a countdown towards the start/end of the sale and the price of each token can all help to take out the guesswork for investors which will give them more confidence to commit.

How the product is presented: This will depend largely on the information available in the whitepaper. It should include what the product is (i.e. platform, service, etc.), different milestones the company hopes to achieve and when they plan to achieve them, more detailed information on team members and the actual uses of the digital token. Having a professional video presentation with an overview of the product shows further quality and commitment from the ICO team.

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